CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches

CND World are a brand I associate with salons – salon quality, salon manicures and you can get the CND World Vinylux Weekly Polishes done at a salon. To know that the very same polishes are available for general purchase when they’re used in salons, reassures me that these are good. I was invited to try the new formula of the CND World Vinylux Weeky Polishes* in the new nude colour range so I was eager to put them to the test.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches 7 (2)

Nothing annoys me more than chipped nail varnish and varnishes that just do not last long.  I usually go for a salon gel nail mani but I can’t afford £25 every 3 weeks at the moment, so at home varnish is my only choice.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches (2)

I hate having my nails unpainted, but I also hate having to remove it and redo it every two days. The weekly polish filled me with hope that I could have a fuss free lasting mani at home. I received two nude shades and the top coat to test out. I have the shades Unmasked, a nude beige and Unlocked, a grey brown nude.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review

The CND Weekly Polishes claim to last 7 days. I tested them with and without my own base coat to see how they wore.

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The CND World Vinylux Weeky Polishes apply with a very good sized brush – you can do two strokes to fill the nail if you wanted too, but it does work best with three (one in the middle and one each side) to get an even shape at the cuticle.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches  6 (2).jpeg


The formula is not too runny and not too thick, for me it’s the perfect formulation to apply. When I first used it on my first nail, the product bled slightly onto my cuticle but it easily wiped away and after that it applied almost perfectly every time.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches 3 (2).jpeg

Drying Time

Each coat dried quickly and didn’t stay tacky for long. Overall it took me about 30 minutes to paint both hands including top coat. I was really impressed at the quick drying time for these!

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches  5 (2).jpeg


The finish is a nice looking, shiny but not gel like, finish. I had several compliments on them!

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches  11.jpeg

CND World Weekly Polish Unlocked Swatch

Lasting Power

So the answer you’ve all been waiting for, did it last seven days? In short, no. I had a few different experiences with the lasting power – the first couple of times, it chipped after three days, both using a base coat and without. Then the third time, using my own base coat, it lasted five days without chipping.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatchess.jpeg

CND Weekly Polish Unmasked Swatch

However, whilst I am disappointed they didn’t follow through with their promises, I am impressed how these lasted compared to other varnishes.It’s very rare that polish lasts more than two days without chipping on me, so for the chips to only start after three days and last four without looking awful, is a good thing in my opinion.


You can buy these for £10.95 at Cult Beauty here*.

CND World Vinylux Weeky Polish Review and Swatches 2 (2).jpeg


The fact that these last longer than any other polish I’ve tried, albeit not for seven days, is a bonus for me as a hard wearing polish for only around a tenner gets a thumbs up from me. I want to buy some other colours next and I have my eye on a gorgeous rose pink called Field Foxes* and a beautiful mine green called Mint Convertible*.

Have you tried the CND Weekly Polishes? How did they last on you? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading!

*Products gifted. All opinions honest and my own.

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  1. April 8, 2018 / 1:03 am

    I’ve been using this topcoat for a couple of months on top of other nail polishes and I love it! I think it’s probably one of the best top coats I’ve used!

    • sophieinwonderlandxo
      April 10, 2018 / 3:18 pm

      I’ll have to give it a go with other polishes too! thanks for the recommendation! thanks for reading lovely xo

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