Las Iguanas Nottingham New Menu Review

Las Iguanas Nottingham has been a firm favourite restaurant choice of mine out of what’s on offer in my city. They recently updated their menu and when I was invited to bring a guest along and go and try the new menu out, it was an event in my calendar I was looking forward to for weeks! I took my camera and got snap happy and have a review of the new menu at Las Iguanas Nottingham!

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When we arrived at Las Iguanas Nottingham, we were greeted by the lovely ladies that organised the event and were asked if we wanted to take part in a mini cocktail masterclass and of course we said yes! When you walk in there is a bar to the right and in front of that was set up a table with alcohol, glasses and garnishes aplenty ready for us to have a go at making our own cocktail.

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We were making a Classic Caipirinha which uses a Brazilian spirit Cachaça, fresh limes, caster sugar and crushed ice. The barman asked us add an unmentionable amount of sugar to our glasses and add the limes and crush together so the sugar crystallises into the lime juice. We added our spirits by holding it facing outwards and twirling it under and into the drink for 8 seconds (this bit went so wrong for me!) and then adding the crushed ice.

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Mine didn’t taste as good as the barman’s or Jay’s (much to his delight) and the barman had to fix mine to make it better! We got to keep our own drinks plus the one the barman made so we started the night with three strong delicious tasting cocktails.

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When we sat down our waitress was very friendly and attentive and informed us we each had a starter and a main and four cocktails each! Safe to say we felt very spoilt by what we were being offered!

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Cocktails are 2 for 1 all day every day which is a great offer and there are some delicious sounding ones on offer so it took us a while to decide! They incorporate Brazilian flavours with traditional and the menu is extensive!

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The food menu has a mixture of Brazilian, Mexican, Argentinian and Peruvian and we struggled to decide what to have! To start I had Dadinhos which are a Brazilian favourite -crispy cheesy cubes served with sticky chilli jam and Jay had Empanadas which is two filled crispy pasties and he went for the option of  lamb braised in mint, tomato & chipotle, with spicy cranberry salsa. 

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The starters were well received although mine wasn’t what I expected – I thought it would be hard cheese but it was more a bread and cheese mixture inside a fried cube, still very tasty though! It was an all good report from Jay on his.

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For mains, I went for a Char-grilled chicken breast & caramelised onions burger with added shredded chipotle chicken and brie and upgraded to sweet potato fries. Jay chose Havana Club & Jerk BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs which are fall off the bone individual pork ribs covered in a sticky rum glaze, topped with crispy onion & chilli and straight fries.

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My main was absolutely delicious, the fries were tasty and stayed warm throughout, the chicken was cooked well and was very tasty with a lovely bread bun. Jay really enjoyed his ribs which were cooked to perfection and he enjoyed his chips too.

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Cocktail wise we had an amazing array throughout the night and it felt like they just kept flowing! My first drink of choice (after our self-made Caipirinhas) was the Pear Drop Caipirinha which has a fruity twist on the original Brazilian drink as it’s served long with Xanté pear liqueur & apple juice. It was very tasty. Cocktail number two was a Huana Party which is Beefeater Gin, Huana Guanabana Rum Liqueur, Funkin passion fruit, bottlegreen elderflower, apple which again, went down very well.

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Jay’s drinks of choice were heavily rum based and very strong – an El Presidente which consists of Havana Club Selección de Maestros Rum, sweet vermouth, orange and is the one in the martini glass, but the star of the show was the Cuban Old Fashioned with Havana Club 7 Year Old Rum, sugar, bitters, smoked with applewood in a conical flask.

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We didn’t have desert as we only had two courses each but I was far too full of food and alcohol to contemplate anything sweet anyway! The waitress we were assigned was very good and attentive and the food came out pretty quickly in between each course even though the place was heaving. We were spoilt with good food and service and we had a bloody good time!

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The atmosphere inside is fab it was buzzing but not so loud that you can’t hear each other with music to suit the location the food comes from with girls dressed in (skimpy) colourful and embezzled outfits and head gear dancing around the room.

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Las Iguanas is a great option for a good night with friends to eat lots of yummy food and get tasty cocktails for a good price at 2 for 1. I would recommend this for a date night or a get together with friends, it’s fab!

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Thank you so much to the lovely people at Las Iguanas for spoiling us and the fabulous ladies at Gemini PR for inviting us and organising such a fab night. We had such a lovely time!

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Have you been to Las Iguanas? They have locations all over the country so if not, you need to go and try their new menu!

Thanks so much for reading!



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      It was soo good! You should try it! x

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