LUSH Pink Fun Review

This squishy roll of fun came in my  Christmas Little Snow Fairy gift set. This stuff is so unique! It smells of sweeties and vanilla and is very similar to the sweet Snow Fairy scent.

It’s texture is like playdough and its really mould-able. You can use this as a shampoo, soap or as a bubble bar or just to play with!

You take whatever you need out of the cellophane wrapper and wrap up the rest and save it for later. This one is self preserving so should last a while.

I’ve used it as a body wash and it doesn’t quite work for me but it’s great to use as a bubble bar for a bubble bath!

The amount I had out above, about a quarter, is what I used for a bath. I crumbled it under the tap and watched the bubbles erupt! It creates a lot of bubbles that last a long time.

Apart from bubbles nothing else is special about the bath it’s just your average clear water bath with white bubbles.

This stuff is cool and it makes a nice change from your usual bubble bars and I imagine it would last a good 4-5 baths.

I probably wouldn’t re-purchase it because there are more fascinating bubble bars to choose from!

It makes a nice change though and it would be great for kids!

Have you tried Fun yet? What did you think?  Let me know below!

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