Love Me Beauty July Edition Unboxing ft. Pixi

It’s time again for another Love Me Beauty unboxing! I had unsubscribed to this to save money but when I heard Pixi was coming I had to place a cheeky order as I’ve never had anything from this brand before!

Each Pixi item was 25 credits and as you only get 60 credits on the usual order without topping up I stuck to 2 Pixi items and got one other item for 10 credits.

So here’s what I got –

love me beauty july ft pixi.jpg

Makeup Bag

First of all I have to mention this gorgeous mint green makeup bag! Every month LMB kill it with the bags they put the products in it’s been different every single time which I think is an amazing touch and one of the many reasons this subscription is set apart from the others! Mint green is like my fave colour in summer and this is such a perfect size for bunging in your handbag! Love it!

Pixi Eye Brightening Correction Concentrate

This is a little tub with orange coloured product inside, I wouldn’t say it’s a cream as it’s more of a compact foundation consistency that rubs on like foundation. Dab it around the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. This is good stuff and it does work, it isn’t a miracle worker but it goes a long way in concealing those shadows!


Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish

This is a warming gel like lip treatment with raised dots on the applicator for exfoliation. Either remove or leave on for a warming treatment. I applied this before using a matte liquid lipstick and it provided a smooth application!

Yes To Age Refresh Cleansing Wipes

I’ve seen a lot of this brand around the web and blogging sphere so thought I would give these a go. I didn’t realise they were targeted at ageing I just saw the blueberry and wanted to try these! I took these on a weekend away as they are perfect travel size, but they are a bit harsh on the skin as they made mine sting a little so stay away if you have sensitive skin!


If you want to make an order on Love Me Beauty follow this link and enter the promo code SOPHI029 to get half price off an order!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. July 18, 2016 / 12:44 pm

    love the mint bag!

  2. July 18, 2016 / 1:17 pm

    I’d love to give Pixi products a try. Great postโ˜บ x

    • July 19, 2016 / 5:43 am

      Me too these were my first! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks hun thanks for reading:) xo I

  3. July 18, 2016 / 2:19 pm

    Being able to buy affordable products is so important! Thanks for sharing!

  4. July 20, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    Pixi makes this really great lip balm (different from what you have) that has gotten me through several bad winter chapped lip disasters. If you like the brand, you may want to give it a try. Will probably sign up for this service now after seeing the bag-so pretty!

    • July 20, 2016 / 8:03 pm

      Ooh that sounds fab! The bags are amazing they’re different every time! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for reading:) xx

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