The importance of sun protection – Ultra Sun and Marks and Spencer have you covered

I hope you enjoyed the little pun in the title, literally they have you covered with sun cream as well as having an amazing range of products, geddit? Anywho, I’m here to tell you that Marks and Spencer have all your sun protection needs covered, (see I can’t stop saying it) and between their own range and stocking fab brand Ultra Sun, you can get everything you need in the SPF department.

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I hopefully don’t need to tell you how important it is to protect your skin from the sun, even when it’s cloudy. Please listen when I say that I cannot stress enough how vital it is to wear SPF and be careful in the sun. The sun can do a hell of a lot of damage to your skin, and wrinkles isn’t the worst of it. It increases your chance of skin cancer by a whopping 80%, and for me it isn’t worth risking that for anything.


I always ensure I keep a little bottle of SPF in my handbag for emergency outbreaks of sun or if I forget to cream up in the house. I always pop cream on when I know Ill be out in the sun, and even when I sit in the garden after work for an hour and the evening sun isn’t at it’s strongest, I always make sure my exposed skin has some SPF on.

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So a little lesson here, in case you didn’t know, the SPF number on the cream provides that amount of protection over no sun cream. For example, SPF 30 provide 30 times the protection of no sun cream at all. That means you can be out in the sun 30 times longer before you start to burn. This is why if you’re very pale and prone to burning, you need to be reaching for a higher SPF than someone who is more tanned and isn’t as susceptible to burning.


So let me show you what Marks and Spencer have for all your sun protection needs. For starters, they have their own range of sun cream called Sun Smart which is a very affordable price and covers the whole families needs. This particular one I have is great for sensitive skin as it’s fragrance free. This Sun Smart SPF 30* and it also contains soothing aloe, antioxidant vitamin E and sunflower oil to moisturise while it protects and is also water resistant.


Onto Ultra Sun, who have a vast range of products to suit literally every need you could possibly have. From normal body SPF to a special formula for your face, after sun and after sun especially for the face, small bottles for the handbag, lip balms every size you could image for every skin worry there is. You name it, Ultra Sun have it.


For the face, they have Ultra Sun Face Fluid*, which contains SPF 50 and is moisturising, brightening and protects against pesky pollution – what more could you want from a face cream?! Skin care specialists recommend SPF on your face even when it’s cloudy as the UV rays can still beat down on your face, the most prominent part of your body to the sky.


They also have Ultra Sun Face Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask.* A fast absorbing night time moisturiser to assist the skin with repairing itself after a day in the sun. My face always feels dry when I’ve been in the sun so this is an amazing product.


How cute is the miniature SPF 50?! The Ultra Sun Extreme SPF 50 for Sensitive Skin* is the perfect handbag size for emergency applications and top ups. I highly recommend you keep this your handbag at all times!


Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? They even have the Ultra Sun SPF 50 Glimmer Shimmering Sun Protection* so you can protect your skin and look good whilst doing it. This is the perfect holiday sun cream so you can sparkle on the beach.


If you’re on the paler side and don’t like showing your ghostly skin when the weather heats up, Marks and Spencer got you covered with their Autograph Gradual Tan.* It’s a quick drying streak free moisturiser which gradually builds up a glowing tan.

Shop sun cream at Marks and Spencer here*.

*This post contains items gifted in exchange for an honest reivew

*This post contains affiliate links

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